Penang DAP state government riding in yellow

September 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

State government standing with their bikes outside the canopied hall (where the Prime Minister is)

Penang, 25 September– Chief minister Lim Guan Eng and 20 or so penang DAP politicians came in yellow for the 1malaysia charity bicycle ride.

YB Teh Yee Cheu says the state government is here to show their support for fair and clean elections. They will be riding along side the Prime Minister and the rest of the participants later on the morning.

The fundraising event was initially sponsored by the state government and a local paper. This year, Prime Minster Najib Tun Razak has offer to sponsor RM 15 million for 15 Chinese Penang schools.

The event this year is now known as ‘1Malaysia Charity Ride for Education.’ According to the state government, it was only several weeks ago that the project was handed over to the federal government. Today, since 4am in the morning, the streets to Strait Quay is papered with 1Malaysia banner and hundreds to thousands of school children in white 1Malaysia tshirt gathered for the event.

6am in the morning, shouting "Hidup Pakatan"

CM Lim press officer Mr Wong Kim Fei says, “we definitely can wear yellow tshirt. It can also be for 1Bersih.”

He explains that the state government is in support of the 1malaysia charity ride.

The 20 yellow people group also got yelled at by police officers while waiting to ride out on their bicycles.

“We’re here because we want to show the spirit of Bersih 2.0. We hope the ban of Bersih as an organization will be lifted.” say Environmental officer Thing Siew Shuen wearing a 709 tshirt.

The 1Malaysia Charity Ride for Education 2011 also distributed t-shirts in black, white, green, red and yellow to everyone. Organizers estimate between 15000 to 20000 people will participate in the event.


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